Each year, tens of thousands of animals in desperate need of shelter, care and compassion are brought to Ontario SPCA Branches and affiliated Humane Societies. In addition to providing animal sheltering, rehabilitation and adoption services, the Society is responsible for enforcing the province's animal cruelty laws. It is caring people like you who keep our shelters open and our investigators on the street - helping us create kinder communities. We are happy to say that supporting the Ontario SPCA's lifesaving efforts has just gotten easier. Please review the available options below.

Mona Louise Campbell, animal lover and generous OSPCA supporter.

Above: Mona Louise Campbell, Feb 3, 1919 – May 29, 2008, pictured with one her beloved pets

Mona Louise Campbell was one of those people who truly loved animals. Like you, Mona generously supported the Ontario SPCA. She also wanted to make sure that her caring and commitment to the animals would know no bounds. So, Mona didn’t just give during her lifetime. She also left a wonderful planned gift—a legacy—for the Ontario SPCA and the thousands of animals we rescue and care for each year.

During her lifetime, Mona’s gifts to the Ontario SPCA played a major role in the creation of the Provincial Education and Animal Centre (PEAC), in Newmarket, Ontario. PEAC is the headquarters for our training, educational and learning programs, as well as for all the work we do to promote animal health and welfare.

Thanks to her planned gift, Mona made sure that we can continue the vital work we do in more than 50 communities and branches across Ontario. Her legacy—changing lives, caring for animals that so desperately need us—truly lives on.

When you choose to follow Mona’s example with a planned gift of your own, you do more than leave a lasting legacy for the animals. With the help of a lawyer or professional estate planner, you can also minimize taxes and other fees, such as probate that your loved ones may have to pay before they can inherit from your estate.

There are many different options for legacy giving that can help the animals—and your family!—today and tomorrow. Please see below for some of those options. You can also request a copy of our complimentary will planner and giving guide, by using the Planned Gift Enquiry Form link below.